The Bigger Picture Framing Centre



15% OFF – when you say “I’m prepared this Christmas”. For all orders until 15 November.


Framing a picture, or any treasured item, is a way of honouring it. It says that you are displaying something with pride or love. It’s something that you cherish, to be seen and also protected. It’s special. Framing is not just about a frame, it’s understanding the bigger picture.

At the Bigger Picture Framing Centre in the heart of Limerick City, we provide expert bespoke framing. But we also bring you years of experience in local art and photography, and a deep appreciation for contemporary art and aesthetics.

We recommend that you visit us in store to run through all the available framing options for your works. Our selection of frame styles is modern and timeless with tasteful profiles and colours to make the consultation process quick and easy. Whether foam board mounting, single and multiple mounting or float mounting, we work with you to find the best way to display your item – from a photograph to a certificate, oil painting to classic poster, needlepoint to sports memorabilia and re-framing older items.

Whatever the job, and whatever the quantity, we apply the same level of attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality results. We take pride in you valuing your framed piece for years to come.

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