The Bigger Picture Framing Centre is Limerick’s newest framing centre but our team have been framing for over a decade.

Previously, the framing centre was located within Whelan Cameras, Ireland’s oldest and largest family run camera shop. In that time we have framed thousands of photographs for professional, amateur, local and international photographers. We have framed original artworks, a hurley and countless Munster Rugby paraphernalia. Framing fastest-man-in-the-world Usain Bolt’s jersey was a particular honour.

Manager of The Bigger Picture Framing Centre, Kevin O’ Keeffe, is a painter, sculptor and project manager. O’ Keeffe has been embedded in the Limerick visual art scene since 2009. All together, the team bring a variety of expertise with a shared passion for Limerick’s community of artists, businesses, organisations and unique individuals.

We consider it an honour to contribute to our community by framing the items you value.

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