Framing Services


All frames are custom made to order from start to finish. Prices vary depending on the sizes and combination of elements selected. We recommend you visit us in the shop where we will guide you through the process of selecting an appropriate mounting and moulding options.



The mount is a protective as well as aesthetic element of framing.

Dry Mounting – Adhering a photograph or work on paper to rigid backing to keep it from warping.

Window Mounting – A border between the image and the frame, the window mount protects the artwork from touching the glass which can lead to irreparably damage due to atmospheric conditions. The acid free, ph neutrality of the board is vital to prevent blotching and corrosion of the artwork.

Window mounting is also a distinctive opportunity for aesthetic choices with a wide variety of colour options, multiple windows, multiple apertures (eg double-mounting) and text-box windows.

Float Mounting – This is an option to see the entire artwork, such as the feathered edges of torn watercolour paper. The artwork is “floats” with a conservational backing in a box frame (deep edged frame using spacer fillets/slips).

No Mounting – The item placed directly against the glass. This is the most affordable option but not recommended for valuable items.



The moulding is what the outer timber frame is cut from. All mouldings used in our frames are high quality timber – no plastic or aluminium goes through our door.

We have a wide selection of contemporary styles to suit the item as well as our customer’s tastes.



All glass is float glass unless otherwise requested.

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